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Finding Peace of Mind by Removing Clutter

  • July 8, 2022

In our modern society, we all have too much “stuff.” Take a second to look around your house. How much of it to you touch every day? Every week? Every month? Is your house filling up with junk that you do not ever use? Did you forget that half of your belongings even existed? We call this stuff “clutter,” and clutter stinks. What you might not be thinking about very often, is how this clutter affects your daily activity, mood, and productivity.



Clutter is a behind-the-scenes drag on your life, like those pounds around your waist that simply refuse to go away. Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of them and slim down? Don’t you think that getting rid of the clutter would make you happier? At Boston Garage, we make it our mission to help you reduce clutter and find zen in your garage space, so that you can spend your valuable time doing something other than stressing or looking for that tool you thought you lost years ago. Let’s remove some clutter and maximize your garage, together!

Everyone has probably seen the TV shows about people that hoard items in their house, and they probably (rightfully) scare the daylights out of you. How could somebody possibly live that way?! Well, take a step into you garage, look at it with a keen eye, and maybe you will start to realize that you might have a little bit of hoarder in you (fact: we all do). Whether your garage hoarding is just a small problem or already at intervention-necessary levels, it affects your brain chemistry. Science indicates that decreased clutter lifts your mood, and, beyond being happier, you might uncover some hidden gem items that you completely forgot about! Clutter in the garage is also a safety hazard and removing it can protect both your vehicle and your home. Do not give pests any more reason to take up residence amongst your unused crap!


The first step in removing clutter and maximizing your garage is to breathe and begin to use your imagination a bit. Look at your garage space, envision your ultimate goal (think: organize + purge), and then get to work. A great action is to take everything and start to group it by activity or genre. Make a pile of your car repair tools and a different one for your recreational gear, your yardwork devices, and your boxed up sentiments. Grab a trash bag, because this is the step that begins the purge.

Once you have everything in a bit of order, take a notepad and jot down a quick inventory. You’ll find a lot of the following: unused items, abandoned projects, useless mementos (dusty heirlooms might have to go!), old equipment, and even completely unopened or abandoned items still in a box! Take this list to a trusted family member or spouse and go over it with them, but remember to be ruthless. In a few weeks, you probably will not even remember the items that you purge.

Work your way down a timeline: if you haven’t touched it in five years, remove it. Four years, remove it. Two years?! It is probably time to go. For bonus points, the best de-clutterers will look for a great charity or donation center to keep everything from going into a dump. Other people can find use for what you no longer need. Pro de-clutterers will also understand that you can digitize pictures, books, movies, and other family heirlooms that might be boxed away. Space on a hard drive is much less obtrusive than space in your garage.

Once you have finished the purge and decided what you actually want to keep for the future, start to think about solutions. Head on over to our website and browse our products to see how we can help. Not only is our website very informative with pictures and descriptions, but our office phone is open for free consultations and advice. Our storage solutions range from custom cabinetry to wire ceiling racks to slatwall storage. Let us help get your stuff off of the ground and into a designated space. We don’t want you to get rid of everything, just what isn’t going to make you happy anymore.


Once you have found the perfect solution to decluttering your garage, you will notice a peace of mind that did not exist before. You will be using your gear and tools more often, a monetary improvement. You will have eliminated safety hazards, a health improvement. You will have made yourself a happier person, a life improvement. Our warranty options and professional installations will keep your garage in tip top shape for years to come, but remember to do your part: consistent micro-cleaning sessions will keep you from ever needing to struggle with a cluttered garage again. Make sure to breathe a sigh of relief, pat yourself on the back, and enjoy your garage space like never before!


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