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3 Reasons Epoxy Flooring is Worth the Investment

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  • March 9, 2023

Whether it is a commercial or residential area, high-quality flooring is an essential part of any building’s construction. If you are in Boston and want your floor coated, you’re probably looking for an option that’s safe, durable, and manageable, all while looking presentable and appealing. The best floor coating that carries all these features is epoxy flooring. 

You may have heard that epoxy flooring in Boston can be quite expensive. Despite the cost, epoxy floors are well worth the investment. Let’s find out what makes epoxy floors stand out and why they’re the perfect flooring choice for your garage.



1. It's durable, resistant, and will last for years

The best feature of epoxy flooring is its ability to last for years without any notable damage. They’re 5x thicker than most coatings, which makes them resistant to oil, dirt, gasoline, water, stains, chemicals, and many other substances that could damage a concrete floor. In fact, epoxy floorings are a great choice for environments like hospitals, laboratories, and kitchens. You don’t have to worry about recoating them since they can last over 20 years. 

This also means that cleaning these floors is a breeze since no stains or spills can penetrate the surface. 

Your epoxy floor can also withstand high loads and pressures, making it the perfect flooring for areas like garages and storage rooms. Although the initial cost might be higher than other options, it will pay off in the long run  by saving you money on upkeep, maintenance, and resurfacing.




2. It brightens up the appearance of your garage or basement

If the aesthetics of the room is your primary concern, epoxy floors have you covered. Their smooth and shiny surface adds a sophisticated appeal to your room in a way other floors cannot. 


First off, epoxy flooring adds a lot to your room’s lighting. You can notice this in commercial and residential areas, where epoxy surfaces are used to reflect the light to brighten up the whole room and make it look more visible. If you work in a dark space after hours or with weaker light sources, these floor coatings can give you an edge. 

Secondly, epoxy floors come in a broad range of colors and finishes. This is perfect for your design preferences as it allows you to set a unique identity for your room by using different colors to express a certain aesthetic. Such features don’t just highlight the beauty of epoxy floors but also their value, as investors and buyers are more drawn to areas with these illuminating surfaces.




3. It's safe, non-slip, and easy to maintain

Don’t be fooled by their sleek and seamless texture — epoxy floors are champions at resisting temperature changes and maintaining friction. They are anti-slip and even hold their own against fire and shock attacks. There’s a reason these surfaces are commonly seen in kitchens, laboratories, classrooms, and fire stations. They add an extra layer of safety, allowing workers to navigate around without any risk of accidents.

Not to mention, epoxy flooring is made from non-toxic materials that won’t release harmful chemicals or fumes.




An epoxy coating is worth the investment

Now you know why epoxy surfaces are the perfect choice for a home or industrial space, and why they are worth the cost. Typically, epoxy floors take around 3 to 4 days to install, though it may vary according to the size of the space. Either way, having a professional flooring provider is essential for this type of project. 

Nobody does flooring better than Boston Garage. We have provided top-rated garage flooring, cabinets, and organization services for over 20 years. Contact Boston Garage at (781) 836-5145 to install your epoxy flooring and give your garage, basement, or commercial space a new look. 

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