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A Simple Guide to Storing Holiday Decorations in Your Garage

  • December 10, 2015

Do you find yourself struggling to find and unpack your holiday decorations each year? Some simple and easy holiday garage storage ideas will make the entire process much easier for you come the next holiday season. By packing your holiday decorations properly, you won't just make them visible and accessible: you'll also make sure that they're kept safe and in good condition for future family fun.Dollarphotoclub_95413540.jpg


Swap Out the Cardboard

Though it may be traditional, cardboard is one of the worst things you can use to store your holiday decorations in. It degrades over time, attracts pests, and is exceptionally vulnerable to fire. Cardboard boxes cannot be safely stacked without collapsing and will often rip if they undergo too much stress. Instead of cardboard, invest in an assortment of high-quality plastic bins. Plastic bins will last a long time, so it's an investment that will last years to come. Choose opaque bins if you want an "out of sight, out of mind" de-cluttered garage, and transparent bins if you want to be able to see where all of your items are.


Color Code Your Bins

Using plastic containers make it even easier to sort your holiday decorations by the occasion. You can color code the plastic containers (orange for Halloween, for example) so that you always know where everything is. And this trick doesn't just work for the holidays: consider using green for seasonal garden supplies, or red for sewing equipment. As long as you know what's each color means, you won't need to get close enough to the bins to read the labeling each time.


Protect and Secure Your Fragile Items

It happens nearly every holiday season: you open a box and realize that a few items have cracked or shattered. But it doesn't have to happen. Keep delicate items safe by storing them properly: egg cartons, for example, can be used to store smaller, more delicate items before boxing them away. Custom garage cabinets are also an excellent way to keep your fragile items secured.

Storing your items properly goes a long way towards keeping them safe. Rather than tangled in a ball, Christmas lights should be wrapped up and placed inside shoeboxes. Hatboxes can be used for wreaths or other circular decorations, and candles can be wrapped in cellophane to keep them looking like new. Don't forget to use pegboards and wall hooks when applicable.


Label, Label, Label

As you sort your holiday decorations into containers, make a list of the contents of each box and tape it directly to the box. This will preempt any last minute "Do we still have ____?" or "Where is ___?" questions. After you've labeled the boxes, arrange them appropriately depending on how often you'll need them and where they will be most accessible. New Year's decorations may only be used once a year; birthday decorations may need to be a little more visible.


Before you start storing the holiday supplies, you might want to de-clutter and organize your garage first. Garages tend to attract items, and there are probably more than a few boxes in your garage that just aren't necessary anymore. If you find that your garage simply isn't organization-friendly, contact us now at Boston Garage. We have custom garage storage solutions that will make clean up a breeze.


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