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Your Guide to Garage Flooring Solutions

  • February 12, 2024

Do you spend time in your garage working on the car or pursuing other hobbies? It won’t take long for you to get tired of the old concrete floor. Once you’ve had enough of the pits and stains, slipping on a wet floor, and tracking concrete dust inside, it’s time to consider different garage flooring solutions.

Why Purchase a Garage Floor Covering?

Pittsburgh homeowners like you often choose an epoxy floor coating or another flooring solution to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased home value
  • Vastly improved aesthetics
  • Easy maintenance
  • Temperature and impact resistance
  • Durability
  • Stain resistance

Common Garage Flooring Solutions

The key to enjoying all of the potential benefits of garage flooring solutions is to pinpoint the best option and have it installed. Your choices include:

  • Plastic floor tiles: You have two main types of garage floor tiles to choose from. The first are interlocking flexible tiles. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns for a great aesthetic, but they have some major drawbacks. Flexible tiles expand and contract, are susceptible to chemical spills, and can’t handle heavy loads. The second option – rigid snap-together tiles – are stronger and more chemical resistant, but they can become slippery, harbor mold growth and make an unpleasant clacking noise when you walk on them.
  • Garage floor mats: Rollout rubber mats are easy to install, but they can be permanently damaged by hot tires or gouged by motorcycle kickstands. Mats also tend to become slippery when wet and expand up to 2 percent in hot weather, causing them to buckle.
  • DIY epoxy flooring kits: You have probably heard about DIY epoxy garage floors. Epoxy is an ideal material, but the problem with DIY kits is that you really need to know what you’re doing for the end result to turn out right. The need for floor preparation, proper mixing and fast application make DIY floor kits an inferior option.
  • Professional epoxy floor coating: Not only is professional epoxy higher quality than what you’ll find in DIY kits, but having the application performed by an expert ensures a job well done. Boston Garage utilizes a special polyaspartic topcoat that offers high resistance to impact, temperature extremes and abrasion. Professional epoxy will never peel, fade, chip or buckle. The non-porous surface makes it perfect for a garage application where dirt, road salt, oil, gasoline and various chemicals regularly come in contact with the floor.

Clearly, not all garage flooring solutions are created equal. With the benefits and drawbacks listed here, it’s easy to see that epoxy floor coating is your best choice. It’s also clear that professional installation is important to enjoy your new garage floor to the fullest.

To work with a professional epoxy floor coating installer, please contact Boston Garage to schedule a free on-site design consultation.

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