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4 Uses for Epoxy Flooring in Commercial Applications

Uses-Epoxy-Flooring-Commercial -Applications
  • August 14, 2018

Builders use epoxy floor coatings wherever there’s a demand for a high-performance flooring solution. Epoxy floors have a number of characteristics that make them excellent choices in a variety of commercial applications. In fact, the applications in commercial buildings are almost limitless.

Uses for Epoxy Floor Coating

Besides being one of the strongest types of floor coating, epoxy flooring has other properties that are in demand by builders and development owners.

1. Use in Lobbies and Store Display Floors

Epoxy flooring can add to the professional look of any space. The floors come in a variety of standard colors, and a professional can mix custom colors upon request. Another popular look is floor coatings with decorative chips incorporated into the finish. Epoxy floors often have a high-gloss surface, which can increase the brightness in a space by up to 200 percent.

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2. Use in Factory Floors, Warehouses, Garage Floors, Hallways, Covered Porches

Epoxy offers one of the strongest coating available for concrete surfaces; it resists abuse from industrial applications. A floor coated with epoxy can withstand heavy traffic and doesn’t require regular maintenance except for sweeping and/or mopping. In addition, epoxy is resistant to a wide range of substances including water, oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, bleach, cleaners and a variety of other chemicals.

3. Use in Hospitals, Cafeterias, Restrooms

Another unique characteristic of epoxy floors is resistance to bacteria and germs. Using epoxy floors wherever cleanliness is critical is a popular application because the floors sanitize easily.

4. Use in Spaces to Meet Safety and Environmental Standards

Epoxy floor coating meets a variety of safety and environmental standards. In addition, it will protect your concrete floors and provides exceptional durability and easy maintenance. You can also make the most out of your space using adjustable wall rack systems to store tools safely.

commercial epoxy flooring

Supercharged Epoxy-Like Floor Coverings

In some situations, you may need a commercial floor coating that is even stronger than epoxy, which means you should consider a Polyurea Polyaspartic coating system. This is an advanced technology that is similar to the spray used for truck bed liners and is for times stronger than traditional epoxy. Its abrasion resistance is higher than epoxy or urethane, and it can tolerate high temperatures after curing.

Polyurea is a polymer that creates a plastic or rubber-like compound. It is used as a primer coat, then if desired, you can add decorative flakes to create texture. A Polyaspartic coating is installed over the layer of primer. The Polyaspartic coating combines with the Polyurea to create a surface that avoids the problems that can occur when using a Polyurea coating by itself.

You can use the Polyurea Polyaspartic coating system indoors and outdoors. It is virtually free from odor, and produces very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Another advantage of the system is that it cures extremely quickly, and depending on the size of the project, you can often use the area the day after installation.

Successful installation of this type of a flooring system is highly dependent on proper preparation. It’s critical to remove any contaminants on the existing surface, and a diamond grind may be required to let the new coating fill the pores in the concrete.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

You’ll need an experienced installer to get good results for your commercial flooring project. Fixing errors in preparation or installation can be difficult and costly. If you’d like more information, contact the experts at Boston Garage for a free quote. 

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