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5 Garage Storage Ideas for Summer

1. Sort out seasonal items from everyday items

To make the most of your space both for storage and for convenience, sort out seasonal items from everyday items. Set all of your seasonal household items to one side. Place things that you need for the summer on shelves; put things that you don't need until fall or winter in storage bins. Then, once you have everything you need for summer in one place, you can determine the best way to organize things. While you are organizing, throw away or donate items you no longer have a use for. Dollarphotoclub_65895134


2. Make room for luggage and bulky items

Summer means road trips, camping trips, and vacations - all circumstances where your luggage and bulky items will be used more frequently. From your beach chairs and beach toys to camping necessities and overnight bags, you can put all the luggage on a wall shelf or store bulky items using a custom garage storage solution. This way, you can easily find what you need for that trip. 


3. Maximize overhead storage space

Getting your possessions off the floor means more space for wall shelving or custom garage cabinets and makes it easier to park the car. Organize items for storage by kind and size, since you don't want to risk injury by having to pull heavy items down from an overhead shelf. 


4. Invest in wall hooks

Slatwalls are a flexible and secure wall storage idea for a full range of items. If you have a slatwall or pegboard in the garage, pick up wall hooks that allow you to make the most of your garage wall storage. Outdoor items like garden tools, hoses, rakes, and even wheelbarrows all work well for wall storage. So do kayaks, bicycles, tennis rackets and other piece of sports equipment. Small items can be securely stored in hanging baskets. 


5. Keep it clean!

Remember that summer means more foot traffic to access the items stored in the garage. Return things to their proper place after you use them to keep your new system clean and organized and minimize clutter on the floor that makes a mess and constitutes a fall hazard. 

Spend one weekend organizing your garage. With everything organized, you can then get out there and make the most of your active summer hobbies with your custom garage storage! Contact us today for a free on-site design consultation!

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