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Is Your Garage a Dangerous Space?

  • April 6, 2015

There’s a secret menace hiding in your garage. Right this very moment, the situation could be reaching crisis levels. You have no idea when you risk damage to yourself or a family member. Noxious chemicals, clutter and a dirty floor all conspire to hurt you and those you love. If you act now to manage the problem areas in your garage, you can turn hazards into happy times.


Survey For Substances

First, you should look for the obvious disasters waiting to happen. You know better than to leave open bottles or cans of toxic substances such as paint or antifreeze around the house. Are you as dedicated to making the garage an equally safe space? If not, the time is now to remove those chemicals before they cause you serious trouble. Antifreeze’s sweet taste might not attract you, but it will entice your cats and dogs. Close it up to make sure that no one has to suffer.

Reduce Clutter and Optimize Storage

After you have neutralized the threat posed by noxious solutions, you can work to manage the problems you face with your clutter. The average disorganized garage has a bunch of stuff just sitting on the floor, including tires, Christmas trees, electrical cords and yard equipment. It is an embarrassing mess, but it is also risky. Every time you walk in, you risk tripping and sustaining a serious fall. Get rid of the items that you do not want or no longer use. Take advantage of quality garage wall storage options for the things you want to keep. Install hooks, shelving and custom garage cabinets, so that everything has a place. This gives you a clear floor that is far easier to keep clean and safe. 

Clean Your Floor

Once you have an open space, you may notice that years of parking your car in the space have wreaked some havoc on your floor. Oil and grease stains are more than just unsightly and annoying. They become a major slipping hazard when someone steps on them without being careful. Sweep the floor regularly, to remove dirt and debris that can accumulate. You should also consider adding an epoxy garage floor coating, to minimize stains and keep your garage looking nice all year round.

You know that a dirty, disorganized garage is an accident waiting to happen. Now you have the information and the impetus to turn it all around. With an eye on safety, you can remove the toxic substances, clutter and oil stains that are making your garage miserable for you. If you are ready to stop tolerating your unsafe garage and start enjoying all that it can do for you, contact Boston Garage for a free quote.
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