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Top Options for Garage Storage Solutions

  • April 7, 2015

You’re not alone in your desire for a more organized garage. Countless homeowners agree: the garage is the most disorganized, least desirable room to spend time in. But it doesn’t have to be this way! Your garage can work for you if you just invest in the right garage storage solutions. Start by learning which solutions will suit your needs best.

Shelving and Cabinets

Cabinets are manufactured in standard sizes, but these dimensions might not work for you. When you have custom garage cabinets made, you can choose the precise shape, size and color you want to accommodate your tools, gardening supplies, sporting equipment and other gear.

You might want floor cabinets with adjustable shelving to fit exactly what you want to store inside. Wall cabinets, either with or without doors, are suspended a few inches from the floor to prevent water damage. Lack of shelves in these cabinets makes it possible to store larger items out of sight. Heavy-duty cabinets feature safety locks to help you clear out the clutter while securing your valuables at the same time.

You can also install shelving directly onto the wall or ceiling. Wall shelving is the ideal place to stack clear plastic bins with labels identifying their contents. Overhead storage is perfect for storing lesser-used items, such as holiday décor, seasonal gear and spare tires.

These are just a few of your shelving and cabinet options to convert your garage into a spacious and safe place to spend your time.


Work Benches

A garage work bench can be either mobile or stationary. A mobile work station gives you the flexibility to move around the garage to complete various projects. If you’re certain you want a stationary work station, the professional look of a built-in bench adds to the aesthetic appeal of your garage and even increases home value.

When choosing a work bench design, make sure you go for quality and functionality in equal measure. Heavy-gauge steel construction makes for a durable place to work. Sliding drawers can hold small hand tools and hardware while lower shelves store larger, bulkier items.


Baskets and Activity Hooks

Garage wall baskets are easy to install. Certain styles have a tight mesh grid to prevent items from falling through the cracks. You can store all kinds of things in wall baskets, such as pool gear, balls, Frisbees, bike helmets, roller blades, cleaning supplies and much more.

Activity hooks are equally useful. Install these on the wall so you can hang bikes, gardening tools, brooms and mops, sporting gear, and more. These bulky, awkward items don’t belong on shelves or in cabinets, but you don’t want them piling up on the floor, either. In this way, activity hooks are the perfect garage storage solution.

For more garage design ideas, please schedule a free on-site consultation today.

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