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Why You Need a Wall Organization System This Year

When it comes to making resolutions, New Year's or otherwise, most people focus on two primary categories: Losing weight and getting more organized. At Boston Garage, we can help you with one of those resolutions!org-01.jpg

If you have a garage or other work or storage area that's being underused or under-utilized, it's not nearly as difficult as you might think it is to reorganize that space and even repurpose it if you like. Custom garage storage systems like shelving and cabinets are ideal solutions for any extra area, including garages, sheds and basements, helping you make the most of the space you have by moving areas off the floor and up to eye level, so you can be more organized and relaxed in your living space.

If you've been considering reorganizing a garage or other space, here are seven ways a custom wall storage system can help make your organization dreams a reality.


1. Don't Waste Space

Most people “store on the floor,” which wastes a lot of square footage. Wall organizations systems let you move things off the floor so you don't waste precious space. That means you can have room for a workbench, craft area, exercise equipment or even a place to relax.


2. Accommodate Storage Needs

Walls are amazingly sound and strong structures that can be used to support a significant amount of weight, which means you can take advantage of that space to accommodate a surprisingly large amount of your storage needs.


3. Customized Systems

Wall organization systems can be customized and configured to your specific space, so no space is wasted and you have easy and convenient access to all your possessions. Plus, you can label cabinet doors and drawers to make putting items away easier than ever, so you never misplace an item again!


4. Easy to Reorganize

A wall system is at eye level so you can see items at a glance, making it easy to maintain and reorganize as needed; plus, when items are stored above floor level, retrieving them when needed can mean less strain on your lower back.


5. Unique Styles

Wall organizations systems and custom garage cabinets are available in different styles to suit your space and your tastes.


6. Useful Accessories

Options like magnetic strips and wall anchors make it a cinch to store – and reach – yard tools like rakes, shovels and hoses, and keeping these bulky, loose items off the floor helps the area look and feel more spacious and less cluttered.


7. Broad Functionality

Custom garage cabinets and other custom features let you design a system that suits your specific needs for both all-purpose general storage and specific storage needs, so your unused walls can serve multiple functions without major, costly renovations.

At Boston Garage, we specialize in helping homeowners get the most from their unused spaces, including empty, blank walls just crying out for purpose. If you'd like to learn more about our custom garage storage products or if you'd like to see some examples of garage organization ideas, visit our website or request a free ideas brochure for inspiration, and make this the year you finally get more organized!

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