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The 5 Step-Plan to Finally Reclaim Your Garage

  • December 14, 2021

At Boston Garage, we want to be your go-to resource for creating the garage of your dreams, and we want you to dream big. Your garage goes far beyond a room for a vehicle or your golfing equipment: it is the key to an uncluttered life. Of course, your space needs to have the perfect garage flooring and aesthetics, but what we really want is for you to maximize your use and enjoyment of the garage. Your usage of a garage can go one of two ways: effective and stress-free, or cluttered and a headache. If our job is well done, your garage will be the happiest part of your home. Here are the five steps of garage organization to help you reclaim what will be your favorite room.



1. Start the purge

Rare is the person who currently values everything in their garage. Look, we aren’t asking you to throw away your items, but take an inventory of what the room currently holds. Once you know what you want to keep, you can begin to give your garage a base identity.



2. Visualize the final product

Before you can begin your garage organization revolution, you need to have a firm grasp of what you want the finished product to look like. Think about where your car will go, and how you want to hang your favorite skis. Are you a gardener? Play some mental Tetris to hang your yard tools on the wall before any work begins. This step will save you stress and time as the process plays out.


3. Take your pick

Browse our selection of garage organization products. Are you looking for new cabinets? We offer fully customizable cabinetry that comes in different colors and materials. Customization is our gift to you. Are you searching for more than cabinets, or simply organization tools on their own? Again, let your imagination run wild. We offer wire wall racks with the strength to hold a bicycle and slatwall storage that can use a fully custom set of attachments such as hooks, knobs, clips, and baskets. One of our favorite products is the ceiling rack, which helps you utilize the most unused space in the room: the section above the vehicle.




4. Act with confidence

Not only do we implement the highest quality installation techniques, but the ORG ¾” vertical panels on our custom garage cabinets are commercial grade and use an all steel and thermal-fused melamine coating. This stuff is strong and will stand the test of time. This is not a cheap fix laminate solution! Our cabinets are built above ground to avoid potential water damage or pest infiltration. You will not see them sag or warp or de-laminate! Our wall organizers are safe and strong and made specifically to handle metallic tools and sporting goods. Hang your hockey skates with confidence and keep your sticks from getting scuffed around on the ground.


5. Enjoy

We are in the business of making you happy. If you’ve made it this far, smile and put your garage to everyday use!


This is the “Boston Garage 5-Step Plan to Reclaim Your Garage.” Schedule an estimate instantly and get started on making your dream a reality. We love thinking outside of the box (but in a cabinet) and making sure your garage is more than just pretty walls, lighting, and flooring… organization is the answer!


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