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6 Clever Solutions to Maximize Space in Your Garage

  • August 21, 2023

Is your home garage turning into a cluttered mess? From bikes and baseball mitts to empty boxes and potting soil, random items have a tendency to take over this space.

Don't let your garage go to waste! Instead, maximize its potential. Your garage should be more than a storage dump. 

By making smart improvements, you can create a well-organized space that accommodates your car and provides ample storage. 

Although it may seem challenging and time-consuming, you can achieve it effortlessly with the right solutions. 

Want to organize and maximize space in your garage for good? This article will walk you through the best ideas and solutions to turn your garage into the ultimate dream space.




1. Declutter Your Garage

Before you start your do-it-yourself garage storage project, make sure to get rid of unnecessary items you no longer need or use. 

Donate hockey gear if your kids don’t play anymore, and if you haven't repaired your old lawn mower, pass it on or recycle it. 

Consider a private garbage removal service if your regular garbage service doesn't take many items. You can purchase a large canvas bag from a home improvement shop, fill it with unwanted items, and schedule a time for the hauler to take it away. 

We promise that it will feel satisfying to get rid of junk that’s simply taking up space!


2. Use Your Garage's Wall Space

Even if your drywall isn’t in the best condition, you can still use it for organization. Install slatwall on any garage wall – be it poured concrete or drywall with wall studs.

Choose a convenient, visible location for easy access and efficient storage. Slatwall can be used to hang just about anything – you select the accompanying bins, baskets, and hooks based on your needs.

You can confidently hang hoses, rakes, heavy-duty shovels, and water cans without any concerns.


3. Consider a Folding Workbench

In a busy garage, space is valuable. To accommodate your tools, car, and sports equipment, a folding workbench is the ideal solution for limited space. 

A wall-mounted, foldable workbench will save valuable space if your garage serves as a crafting or workshop area. After each use, simply fold it up, leaving no trace of its presence.


4. Install Functional Cabinets

Is your garage cluttered with boxes on the ground? If so, it's time to consider installing garage cabinets. 

They're essential for keeping your garage organized. Without cabinetry, finding things when you need them is challenging. 

By installing storage cabinets, you can neatly store your belongings and easily locate them whenever necessary. Don't wait any longer – give your garage the storage solution it deserves! We offer cabinets that are 100% customizable to your space.



5. Add Storage Above the Garage Door

You can also use the abundant “empty” space above your garage doors to maximize space. 

Place wire shelves/racks that are attached to the ceiling, or create your racks. No matter what you choose, ensure the shelves/racks are securely fixed before you store items on them. 

In addition, it’s best to measure the space to ensure a proper fit before you purchase the shelf. You can buy sturdy tote bags that can conveniently fit on the shelves. 

This area is a perfect storage solution for seasonal items such as holiday decorations, which you only access once every year.


6. Install Pegboard

A pegboard is a versatile garage storage solution that helps maximize your garage space. 

When you install a pegboard on the wall, you can easily hang all your hand gadgets or tools. This makes it easy to find the tools you want. 

Use wire brackets and hanging baskets that are designed for pegboards to hang your basic tools. These are perfect for storing items such as bottles of glue or nails.



Key Takeaway

Whether we like it or not, garages often become catch-all spaces in homes. Everything from toys and tools to bikes and brooms gets stored in a garage. That’s why it’s increasingly important to organize your garage space. 

Follow these simple decluttering solutions to make your home garage organized and clutter-free for good. 

Looking to take on a garage organization project? Choose Boston Garage! We're your one-stop shop garage organizers in the Boston area, providing top-quality service to save you time and stress. Call us at 781-836-5145 or use the calendar below to schedule a free consultation!


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