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6 Storage Solutions for Cluttered Garages

  • March 17, 2016
Everyone knows that a garage is designed for storage, right? So why can't you find anything in yours? Now's a great time to reclaim your garage and implement six storage solutions that help you tackle clutter and get organized.garage storage ideas

Overhead Garage Storage

Garage floor space is at a premium, especially if you want to park your car in there. It's time to look up and put the ceiling to work. Overhead racks hold bulky items like kayaks, skis and surfboards. They can also organize seasonal snow removal or gardening items you don't need all the time. With a few sturdy hooks, install racks that remove items from the floor and instantly clean up your garage.

Modular Cabinets

Look around your garage, and you probable see boxes, tools and other items in a variety of shapes and sizes. Modular cabinets organize everything. Available in a variety of sizes, the cabinets allow you to customize the exact storage solution that fits your needs. Use them to lock away winter salt, weed killer and other items that are dangerous for kids, store holiday decorations and sort power tool batteries and chargers.

Wall Racks

Use your walls for storage when you hang sturdy wall racks on them. These racks hold bikes, rakes and other bulky items as you to remove clutter from the floor.

Custom Workbench

Whether you use your garage to fix bikes, repair cars or simply store stuff, a custom workbench reduces clutter. Add drawers of any depth and width for small items like screwdrivers, golf balls or gardening gloves. Your workbench could also feature a wide work surface area and a bench seat that doubles as a box to store items without taking up space.

Sturdy Wall Hooks

Wall hooks come in all sizes and strengths. Use hooks to hang coiled hose, sort bike inner tubes and corral hula hoops. They also organize your seasonal wreaths, extra cleaning supplies and baseball bats. You can also hang baskets from the hooks and store sports cleats, balls and other outdoor toys like chalk or bubbles.


Versatile and affordable pegboard arranges items within easy reach and improves your ability to see exactly what you have and where it is. Hang several sheets of pegboard on a wall to create a large storage surface area for tools, cleats or shovels. You can also hang a strip above your workbench, by the door or wherever you need it.

Take time today to give you cluttered garage a much-needed makeover. In addition to these six storage solutions, contact Boston Garage. We assist you in installing custom garage shelving, hooks and racks that transform your garage into a functional and organized space you can actually use.
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