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Before and After: Epoxy Garage Floor in Boston Harbor

In the challenging winter conditions of New England, particularly in towns on Boston Harbor like Hull, MA, the durability of garage floors becomes a pertinent concern. Recently, our office received a call from a prospective client residing in Hull, near the sea, where exposure to salt and severe New England winters prompted the need for garage floor protection. The client had attempted a DIY floor painting project a few years ago to cut costs, but it proved ineffective, leading them to seek a professional solution. 


Hull Before

Before: a painted concrete garage floor that was prone to damage.

Often, when clients hear about epoxy garage floor coatings, the immediate association is with cosmetic enhancements. While this perception is valid, it's important to clarify that Boston Garage is not solely focused on serving high-end clientele. There are various reasons why individuals seek this type of floor coating beyond cosmetic considerations. When installed correctly, garage floors not only exhibit an aesthetically pleasing appearance but also last for many years longer than without any sort of protection.

During a recent appointment, our Flooring Expert thoroughly explained the process to the client, starting from the initial grind to remove the old coating and prepare the floor for the new coating. The discussion also covered the benefits of a vapor barrier due to high moisture readings and concluded with the application of the final topcoat. The Flooring Expert actively listened to the client's concerns about protecting the concrete against environmental elements and the overall investment in their home.



During: floor grinding is complete and ready for the coating.


One of Boston Garage's key assets is our team of skilled and trained Flooring Experts. This team is well-versed in industry knowledge and the application of various products for different locations. Continuous training, including hands-on installations with our foreman, ensures that they offer the best service to potential clients.

After the client selected a color chip, the installation was scheduled. The foreman and Flooring Expert collaborated to understand the client's expectations, ensuring a seamless project execution. The result was a functional floor that preserved the concrete underneath, offering low maintenance for the client in the years to come.



After:  a beautiful floor that will stay protected against the elements!


Boston Garage's expertise extends beyond extravagant home makeovers. Our highly trained and knowledgeable employees are dedicated to assisting each client with their specific needs, whether it's a simple addition like a new slatwall in a garden shed or a comprehensive garage makeover in a sizable multi-car garage. We are committed to helping individuals realize their visions.

Transform your garage with a lasting renovation

We are ready and waiting to get you on the books for your own garage remodel! Whether you live inland or on the coast, our garage floor coatings stand up to just about anything. Take the next step and upgrade your space today. 

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