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Before and After: Single-Car Garage Floor in Scituate, MA

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  • April 19, 2023

Sometimes our clients find themselves wondering where to start to get the garage makeover of their dreams. Would the floor be the best starting point? Would getting organized help motivate them to do their floor as well? When our client in Scituate opened their garage door they didn’t know where to begin, but they did know who they should call.

At Boston Garage, we are here to help our clients fulfill their garage makeover dreams. That doesn’t mean you need to live in brand new construction in a mansion along the sea. Our experts have helped clients all along the South Shore in Massachusetts, including this one in Scituate. We have helped clients with tight budgets, single-car garages, 10-car garages, and everything in between.

A recent client of ours reached out to our office after they were referred to us from a friend. Their garage was used mainly as storage, and they were ready to throw everything away and start over. Their first step that they thought would help motivate them to get rid of everything was to have their flooring done. They were interested in our hand-applied polyurea floor coatings.



Before: disorganized and dirty floors.


Our flooring expert was able to go out and meet with the client a few days later. They discussed what the client’s expectations were for the job and how we would be able to help them. The client requested a few days to think about it, and after getting answers to his final questions, he felt certain he was making the right decision for his budget and his space. Our flooring expert was able to provide our client with a link to visit our previous projects as well as a few videos to watch as well. The next day the client knew that he was ready to move forward.



After: a gorgeous blank canvas that will make it easy for the client to organize!


Once the color choice was made, our flooring expert discussed the project notes with our foreman, and the installation was under way a few short weeks later. Our installers are highly trained experts in their field, and they knocked this one out of the park.



After: a smooth, beautiful surface that will last for years to come.



Transform your garage floor 

With 300+ five-star Google reviews, Boston Garage is here to make the garage makeover of your dreams become a reality and help every client feel like family. To schedule a no-cost consultation, call us at (781) 836-5145 or click the online scheduling link below.


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