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The Top 8 Tools to Organize Your Garage: Part 2

  • November 30, 2015

We're not done yet! With the hanging racks, cabinets, magnetic tool strips, and lighting that we discussed in the last installment, your garage is probably starting to look pretty nice. But there's still a little more we can do to improve upon appearances.

5. Color

While you're investing in custom garage organization, you may also want to apply a bright new coat of paint. Garages are often painted in drab colors that can affect mood. Brighter colors will make the space look much more open and friendly. And it's more than that too -- you can also use color coding for certain areas of your garage so that it feels more intuitive. Just make sure you use the right type of paint! You'll want an easy to clean, extra glossy paint for a garage.


6. Shelves

Cabinetry isn't useful for everything. The addition of shelves alongside custom cabinetry will give you far more options for storage. Shelves are a much easier way to sore boxes and larger, strangely shaped items. Though cabinets are designed purely for accessibility, shelves give you the option of storing things fairly high up -- such as items that you just don't use very often. 


7. Labels

Once you've finished developing your garage storage solutions, it's time to get labeling! Even though you may know where everything is now, it's easy to forget which bin has the screwdrivers and which bin has the sandpaper. A label maker (or even just a good printer) will make your life much easier. Consider getting color-coded labels so that you can separate out categories of items quickly without having to get close enough to read the labels. You can also coat the front of containers with chalkboard paint if their contents will be changing often. 


8. Clear Storage

From glass jars to clear plastic bins, small items are best stored in clear storage containers. Clear storage containers are best used for items that are all of one type, such as nails -- otherwise you'll just have visible clutter that's locked away. For your "miscellaneous" boxes, it's a better idea to use opaque containers. Out of sight, out of mind. One final note: if you use glass jars, make sure that you always position them on a rubberized mat. This will prevent them from slipping!

That's it! At this point you should be able to find everything in your garage within mere minutes. The real problem facing you now is maintenance. Make sure everyone in your family knows to put everything back in its place after they use it! 

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