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Garage Floor Coating: Should I repair or replace my garage flooring?

  • September 13, 2017


Let’s face it. Your garage has seen better days. It has housed multiple cars over the years, provided cover through car repairs and acted as a storage unit for countless odds and ends. As a result, there are stains, scuffing, settling and even a few cracks. While this is certainly unsightly, your damaged garage flooring may also prove to be a safety hazard. Depending upon the severity of damage, it may be necessary to repair or even replace your garage flooring. Not only will this improve the aesthetics of your garage as a whole, it will also drastically improve the functionality and eliminate the risk of easily preventable slips and falls due to damage.

Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor coatings act as a barrier for your garage flooring. They coat the surface of your floor to prevent slipping, stains, dirt and wear and tear. An epoxy coating is one of the most desirable garage floor coatings; it is thick, durable and easy to clean and maintain.

When Should I Repair My Garage Flooring?


If your garage flooring is showing signs of wear in limited, high-traffic areas, a repair may be adequate enough to restore the look and functionality of your garage. Wear may appear in the form of scuffs, minor cracks, stains and scratches directly on your garage floor coating. Pennsylvania residents, for instance, experience fluctuating weather throughout the year that may contribute to area-specific damage. Improperly stored rock salt in the winter or heavy flooding during the spring may contribute to a limited area of damage. In these cases, a repair is usually ideal.

Repairs may also be warranted in situations where flooring was improperly installed or when a subpar material was used in specific areas of the garage. Similarly, your floor may qualify for a minor repair if your flooring has been replaced in recent years. If you are unsure whether your garage floor requires a small repair or a major reconstruction, be sure to consult a professional.

When Should I Replace My Garage Flooring?

If your garage flooring has a moderate to severe amount of damage, it is likely time to consider replacing the entire floor. A repair may suffice if the damage is limited to one area; however, if it is widespread, it will prove much more efficient to re-do the entire floor versus patching it. Major cracks, large stains, wide scratches and severe settling throughout the garage floor certainly suggest that it is time for a replacement.

You may opt to replace your flooring simply to change the look of your garage. Many homeowners opt to install a garage floor that appears to be made of premium materials, such as granite, to improve the aesthetics or to fit in with a specific theme. Some homeowners also wish to update the look to fall more in line with their home decor scheme or simply because the epoxy-style garage floor coatings are more easily maintained than traditional concrete.

Long gone are the days when your garage flooring was limited to bare concrete. Today, there are numerous options to choose from when you opt to redo your garage flooring. If you are focused purely on aesthetics, you will also be pleasantly surprised with all of the colors, patterns, textures and designs that are available in each of these floor coatings. The most popular garage flooring includes: decorative garage flooring, epoxy concrete flooring and garage floor tiles. Each of these create a different ambiance in your garage, and they are each resistant to scuffs, scratches and stains. When installed professionally, these flooring options withstand typical wear and tear without hesitation.

Are you considering repairing or replacing your garage floor coating in Pennsylvania or Boston? Contact us today to learn more.

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