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Before and After: Epoxy Floor on Nantucket

Installing a garage floor in Nantucket takes planning, logistics, and use of the highest quality materials to ensure long term durability. As our office gets frequent requests for projects on the islands of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, we are proud to say that we have this process down to a science.

Recently we had a client reach out who recently had a home built for her on Nantucket. She had an idea of what she wanted as well as measurements of the space, and in speaking with her builder, he recommended our business to her.

Nantucket Before 1

The client's garage before we got started

Once our representative got a chance to speak with our future client, he provided pricing information and some expectations for how our installations take place on the island – including how far out in advance that we were booking to get a crew and a fully stocked truck over on a ferry.

Once a decision was made to move forward, a quick visit was set to ensure that measurements were correct. We also performed a concrete analysis of the garage to ensure that the correct steps were taken during the installation. During the visit, the client saw samples of colors in person, which allowed her to decide on colors, finalize the contract, and pick her installation dates that would coincide with the ferry schedule.


Working on grinding down the  concrete


Once everything was in place, a highly trained installation crew was scheduled and ferry tickets were purchased. The representative discussed the installation expectations with the crew and what the client was going to be looking for.

Upon completion of the installation, the client was thrilled with the finished product. She even took the time to reach out to the office directly to thank our team for their time and the crew’s hard work. This was her new home that she would be happy to show off on warm nights, and she couldn’t thank the crew enough for staying overnight away from their families and ensuring that the installation was exactly what she was looking for.



After: a beautiful garage in Nantucket!

Give your garage a lasting makeover

We are more than happy to have our flooring experts meet with future clients in person, or just start with a simple phone call to discuss expectations and visions. Each client is unique, and each installation is different, from epoxy floor coatings to a full wall of cabinets and slatwall. Boston Garage is more than willing and able to take the time to work with each client, no matter the location.

To schedule a no-cost consultation, call us at (781) 836-5145 or click the online scheduling link below.


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