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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire a Professional Epoxy Floor Installer

  • March 17, 2016
DIY is popular, but there are some jobs you should leave to the pros. A professional epoxy flooring installer has the right materials and skills to make your floor look its best and last for years. A few reasons to go with the pro:Dollarphotoclub_95916138.jpg

1. They'll properly prepare your surface.

To assure that your epoxy will adhere fully and smoothly, the surface needs to be clean, dry and free from dust. Aprofessional installer will take care of the prep to ensure that the epoxy has the ideal surface to bond. Our professional installers work efficiently and effectively, giving your floor the thorough prep required. The result is a better looking floor that lasts longer.

2. They understand the role humidity plays.

Humidity can interfere with epoxy products' ability to bond. A professional epoxy floor installer can prepare the area to remove moisture. A poorly done flooring job can leave you with epoxy that does not quite adhere. This means more expensive cleanup and prep if you decide to get the flooring reinstalled.

3. You'll get the proper primer.

A professional will pick the right primer for your flooring's substrate. This ensures a better bond and a longer lasting finish. An error in this area can result in flooring that does not last as long as it should or never adheres properly in the first place.

4. They understand surface compatibility.

You can't just put any coating on any floor and expect to have ideal results. Not all substrates work with epoxy flooring without preparation. A professional can make sure that you have the best possible surface to start. Less than idea surfaces can be cleaned and treated to make sure your flooring looks great.

5. The right mix of material.

Mixing the resin and hardener in the right proportions is essential to getting a solid bond and a hard, durable finish. By choosing a professional installer instead of going it alone, you can rest assured that your new flooring is being mixed and installed correctly.

While DIY is great for many things, you will be happier leaving options like your epoxy flooring to the pros. This way, you can concentrate more on the decor that makes your space your own without having to worry about the quality of your floor.

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