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The Top 8 Tools to Organize Your Garage: Part 1

  • November 24, 2015

Is your garage an absolute mess? Don't worry about it -- you aren't alone. Organizing a garage takes a lot of work. And as with any tough job, you need the right tools.

1. Hanging Racks and Baskets

The most important part of organizing any area is taking advantage of vertical space. Hanging racks and baskets will help you get the mess off the floor and neatly organized in containers. Most garage organizers will devote one or two walls just to the neat organization of items. Hanging racks and baskets come in a variety of sizes -- from small baskets that are used to collect nuts and bolts to larger baskets that can hold all of your sports equipment.


2. Cabinets

Cabinets are the leading solution in custom garage organization -- and they don't have to be expensive. Many home improvement stores carry "floating" cabinets: cabinets that don't need to be installed, but instead are assembled on wheels. While these are great stop gap measures for a messy garage, they still aren't as good as built-in cabinets. Built-in cabinets take advantage of more of your garage's space and can be tailored to your personal needs. The advantage of cabinets over baskets and racks is that everything is tucked away and hidden -- you don't need to see any clutter even if it is lurking somewhere.


3. Magnetic Tool Strips

Keep your tools accessible and neatly organized with the power of science. Magnetic tool strips don't just organize your tools: they also keep them safe. By storing your tools this way, you avoid banging them around inside of a drawer or potentially losing them. Magnetic tool strips are, of course, mostly used for lighter tools -- they have limitations regarding strangely shaped or bulky items. But for selections of more ordinary and commonly used tools, magnetic tool strips are a great solution.


4. Lighting

You can't organize what you can't see. Good lighting is a critical part of your garage storage solutions. Lighting should be available in any area in which items are stored -- otherwise you won't be able to find anything even if the entirety of your garage is superbly organized. This will also avoid any "under the work table" situations, in which your most prized item of equipment goes missing -- and is really lurking just out of sight.

Still looking for the best way to clear up the clutter? Read on to part 2 of our Top 8 Tools to Organize Your Garage, and request a free on-site design consultation to learn how we can transform your garage.


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